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I have read the Frequently Ask Questions & have gone to the coupler conversion list & coupler conversion pages at http://www.kadee.com/convpl.htm & was not able to find the coupler conversion information that I require.

Newer HO-Scale Models with Factory Knuckle Couplers will not be listed in our coupler conversion information.
They are easily converted by using our #148 or "scale" head #158 Whisker® Couplers.

**Note: Some manufacturers now produce models with non-industry standard coupler pockets. These shallower coupler pockets may require slight modification to the gearbox or coupler to function properly. If the model has a removable gearbox it can be replaced with a Kadee® gearbox. If the model has an molded-on gearbox, the coupler shank may be filed thinner to fit.

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