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#45 coupler is Discontinued.

HO Scale Coupler

Kadee HO Logo #45 Metal

#45 Coupler
#45 Mounting Dimensions
(#234 draft gear box)
#45 Coupler

#45 Mounting with the supplied
#234 draft gear box.
#45 Coupler

#45 Mounting with manufactures
cast-on coupler pockets

#45 Coupler
#45 Mounting with 30 Series Draft Gear Box
(See #35 Coupler for Dimensions)
(Purchased Separately)

#45 Coupler
#45 Mounting with
Universal Adaptor Plate
(20 Series Draft Gear Box)
(See #25 Coupler for Dimensions)
(Purchased Separately

The #45 Kadee® Magne-Matic® Coupler features a Metal Coupler, #634 Centering Spring, insulated #234 Draft Gear Box and Lid with side and center screw holes for mounting, which is the same gear box which comes in the NO.5® coupler package.


The #45 Coupler may be mounted with the supplied #234 draft gear box, with the manufacturers cast-on coupler pockets, the insulated #213 draft gear box, which is the same gear box that the 20 Series couplers use, (Purchased Separately) or the insulated #233 draft gear box which is the same gear box that the 30 Series couplers use. (Purchased Separately).


The 40 Series Couplers are metal equivalents to the 20 and 30 series couplers and have the same dimensions as their corresponding coupler numbers, such as the #45 is the same as the #25 and #35 Couplers. These were developed to provide the modeler a metal offset series of couplers to complement the NO.5® Coupler. Although the 20 and 30 Series Couplers are made of very strong plastic many modelers like to use only metal couplers which of course are stronger. The strength of metal couplers over plastic sometimes is only a matter of personal choice and not the particular application, however there are certainly many reasons to use metal couplers when the extra strength and rigidity is needed. It is not recommended to use a metal coupler directly on a metal surface or in a metal draft gear box to avoid the possible electrical crossover or shorting that may cause damage. Use the provided insulated draft gear box or the appropriate insulated plastic 20 or 30 Series Couplers.


Two pair per package


In the series there is no #48 Medium Centerset Coupler. It is the NO.5® Medium Centerset Coupler


40-Series Coupler Instructions


Coupler Conversion Info

You must first identify the locomotive or rolling stocks manufacturer and type before looking the product up on the HO-Scale Coupler Conversions. Use the HO-Scale Coupler Conversions to lookup our suggested starting coupler* for the particular model. (Our conversions typically requiring the least modification to a model utilizing our newest couplers even though other couplers also work for the model).


Once you have lookup our suggested starting coupler you can use our HO-Scale Coupler Conversions (How -To instructions and diagrams) to help you with the couplers installation process. Always check the coupler heights with either our #205 or newer #206 Coupler Height Gauge.


Note: If the model came with Factory Knuckle Couplers it will not be listed on the HO-Scale Coupler Conversions under manufacturer there is a generic conversion for Factory Knuckle Couplers on the top of the HO-Scale Coupler Conversions.

*Our conversion’s based on only one model from a production run, there may be inconsistencies in a model’s production run that require a different coupler or model modifications to achieve the proper coupler height for coupler function.


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