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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About N & Z Scale Products:
You will need to contact Micro-Trains at mtl@micro-trains.com for Z and N scale information.
Kadee® Quality Products and Micro-Trains split into two totally separate companies in 1990. Kadee® makes HOn3 up to G scale products only and Micro-Trains makes only N and Z Scale products, and a few HOn3 products.

Questions about back ordered products:

Question: My hobby shop tells me, the Kadee® products I am looking for are back ordered. Why?

We rarely, if ever have back ordered products. We can't control inventory or business practices of hobby shops, we can only provide Kadee® products factory direct when they are not available from your hobby shop. Some hobby shops may not order directly from a Kadee® and may use a distributer that may not stock all Kadee® products. You are more then welcome to order direct from Kadee® anytime.

Questions New Products:

Question: Why don't you announce your new products early like other companies?

We do not announce new products prior to their release. The production of new products is dependent on demand and priorities.

Questions about discounts:

Question: Do you offer a bulk order discounts?

No, We do not offer bulk orders or quantity discounts.
Questions about coupler conversions:
Models with Factory Knuckle Couplers it will not be listed in Coupler conversion list. They are easily converted by using our #148 or "scale" head #158 Whisker® Couplers.

You will need to go to our coupler conversion page at http://www.kadee.com/conv/convpl.htm you will find most all coupler conversions for HO & Large Scale.

What do you base your coupler conversion recommendations on?

Coupler conversion recommendations are based on; the manufacturer, type of model, will the original coupler mounting be used, over hang, and general end of car clearance.

Questions about "RTR" cars:

Question: Are your cars painted & what model paint matches Kadee's colors?

We use an industrial paint company to formulate our paint and custom match the colors we need. We do not have the time to find a model railroad paint color that matches our paints so it’s up to the modeler to find a match when needed. Also, the bodies and doors of our cars have a thin coat paint on them and the add on detail parts are unpainted Acetal plastic. We spend a great deal of time getting our paint and plastic to color match.
Question: What is our next type of car we’ll bring out?
We have not yet decided on our next car. We have quite a number of projects we are presently working on so it may be quite some time before we start another car project.

Question: Why don't you come out with more cars styles more often?
Our freight car line is only a secondary line and couplers are our primary products which means our main focus is on our coupler production.

Questions about other scales:

Question: Are we going to bring out more products in other scales such as On30?
We’d like to but we have so many projects going on and a very long list of future projects so unless something becomes a priority we really do not know when we’ll get to it.

Questions about couplers:

Question: How come you don’t sell your couplers to other manufacturers?
As a matter of fact we do sell to several model makers and we certainly are willing to sell to any manufacturer that wants a quality coupler on their models. The main issue is the bottom line the manufacturers are willing to pay for couplers and their little regard for the modelers desire for quality couplers installed at the factory.

Question: What makes your plastic couplers so strong & reliable?

Our 20 and 30 series coupler have very strong plastic shanks and head but have metal knuckles (moving part of the head).

Question: Is the #148 whisker coupler going to replace the #5 coupler?
Perhaps that’s an eventuality but it really won’t happen for a very long time. The #5 coupler is still the back bone of our coupler line, however, any new HO Scale coupler we make will have the whisker centering spring type of shank.
Question: Are bulk packages of your whisker couplers available?
Yes, and they’ve been available for sometime now. The #14 is the 25 pair & #140 is the 50 pair package of the #148 coupler and the #150 is the 25 pair & #151 is the 50 pair package of the scale head #158 coupler.
Question: Are "scale" (#58) couplers compatible with NO.5® couplers?
Yes, The "scale" couplers were designed to function with all of our other HO Scale couplers.

Question: What happened to the 40-Series Couplers?

The 140 Whisker® Coupler Series is complete and replaces the 40-Series couplers that have been discontinued.

Question: When will you be coming out with "Scale" Head Offset Couplers?

We will not be making any offset “scale” head couplers for a number of reasons.

Question: What part of Kadee Plastic Couplers are metal?

Our 20 and 30 series coupler have very strong plastic shanks and head but have metal knuckles (moving part of the head).

Question: What are the most common screw for mounting Couplers?

The 2-56 x 1/4” and 3/8” screws are the most common for mounting couplers. See Machine Screw Sizes Chart

Question: What are the most common screw for mounting Trucks?

The 2-56 x 1/4” and 3/8” screws are the most common for mounting trucks.

Question: Are body mounted couplers or truck mounted coupler better?

Most of the time body mounted couplers are operationally better than truck mounted couplers.

Question: My car came with knuckle couplers that are not Kadee's. What Kadee couplers do I replace them with?

Our #148 whisker coupler most often is a direct replacement for EZ-Mate, McHenry, or Accumate couplers.

Questions about electric uncouplers:

Question: My newly installed (#309, #708, #810) Electric Uncoupler doesn't work when I apply power to it, why?
The most common reason is the wire on the coil has a clear thin insulation which needs to be scraped back for the wiring connections. Because the insulation is clear it is often overlooked.

Questions about trucks & wheels:

Question: What is the difference between “self-centering” trucks and “standard” trucks?

Our self-centering trucks have a special wedge shape bushing in the bolster that secures the truck to the car. When you lift the car the truck drops onto the wedge which aligns it with the length of the car. This reduces the fooling around you have setting the car on the rails. When the car is setting on it’s wheels the trucks are disengaged from the wedge and a pivot freely until the car is picked up.

Question: How do I mount Kadee trucks on a post?

Our trucks are designed to mount on a flat surface which usually requires that you trim off any post the original truck pivoted around. Our trucks as well as most after market trucks are designed to be mounted with a #2 size of screw.

Question: What is the difference between code 88 Wheels & code 110 Wheels?
The term Code 110 and Code 88 relates to the width of the wheels. Code 110 wheels are .110" wide and Code 88 are .088" wide. Code 110 wheels are the common (or standard) width wheels and Code 88 are what is called "semi scale" and are used when the modeler wants a more prototypical looking wheel width.

Question: Am I supposed to run code 88 & code 110 Wheels on the same code of track?
Track code and wheel code have no relationship meaning Code 110 and Code 88 will run on most any code of track. Track code is simply the measured height of the rail, code 100 is .100" tall, code 83 is .083" tall, code 70 is .070" tall, and so on.

Question: Do you make passenger car trucks?

We “do not” make passenger car trucks but only freight car and caboose trucks.