Kadee® RTR Cars Features

Detailed Car Ends

All Kadee® RTR Cars feature incredibly detailed car ends. Accurate hand brake rigging replicates the full-sized cars exactly. Everything, right down to the rivets, is exactly where it should be. You won't find detail this exacting on anything other than Kadee® Cars.


  • Highly detailed hand brake wheels
  • Scale accurate rigging
  • Scale grab irons
  • Scale ladders
  • Acurate rivits
  • Completely prototypical

The most prototypical car ends in modeling.

Scale Rigging

Our car rigging is extremely accurate. We've made every nut, bolt, and hose to scale for an absolute prototypical look. Details this accurate can only be made in the USA by our tallented Kadee® employees.


  • Scale rivets
  • Scale grab irons
  • Scale air lines
  • Scale chains
  • Scale AB valve
  • Every component assembled by hand

Made entirely in the USA.

Movable Doors and Hatches

Functional doors and hatches adorn every single Kadee® car. While other model manufacturers mold the doors onto the body, we install real movable doors and hatches. Here at Kadee® we know things that move in real life should move on models too!


  • Accurate scale doors
  • Accurate scale hatches
  • Fully movable sliding doors
  • Opening and closing hatches
  • Prototypical to the last rivet

If it moves in real life, it should move on models too!

Sharp Prototypical Lettering

Our fully-equipped painting department accurately reproduces every letter, word, and logo of the real cars in exquisite detail. Even if you can't read the words with your naked eye, a quick look through a magnifying glass reveals the precision lettering.


  • Accurate logos
  • Fine detailed lettering
  • Prototypical heralds
  • Completely legible
  • Microscopic detail

Perfectly scaled accurate logos and lettering.

Kadee® Magne-Matic® Couplers

What would a Kadee® Car be without Kadee® Couplers? Every one of our RTR cars comes fitted with our world-famous Kadee® Couplers. Our couplers feature Magne-Matic® coupling and uncoupling for the ultimate modeling experience.


  • Functions like real-life couplers
  • Extremely durable
  • Scale head size
  • Compatible with all Kadee® Couplers
  • Pre-installed and ready to roll
  • Always made in the USA

All Kadee® Cars feature world-famous Kadee® Couplers.

Kadee® HGC Self-Centering Trucks

Our HGC Self-Centering Trucks are made from a special High Gravity Compound (HGC) that allows for even greater detail and accuracy. The split bolster design maintains efficient truck equalization while the low-friction axel design makes rolling even smoother. Featuring all metal wheels for that authentic sound and operation.


  • Superior details and markings
  • Highly flexible split bolster
  • Low friction insulated axels
  • Scale brake pads and brake rigging
  • All metal wheels
  • Non-magnetic

Highly detailed scale trucks and wheels.

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