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    The Kadee Quality Products Co. Kadee® Car Club (herein after referred to as “Car Club”) allows Kadee® Domestic Authorized Dealers, E-Tailers, and Distributors (herein after referred to as “Partners”) to receive a select quantity of Kadee® RTR cars upon the release of every new car(s).

    Kadee Quality Products Co. (herein after referred to as Kadee®) understands that their RTR car releases are highly sought-after products that customers demand. In an effort to ensure that Kadee® Partners receive an adequate quantity of these cars in a timely manner, Kadee® offers participation in this Car Club to our valued Partners.

    Car Club Details
    The Car Club gives Partners the opportunity to receive a guaranteed predetermined quantity of RTR car(s) upon every new release without the need to place an order every time. This allows Partners to have an ample inventory of new car(s), as well as be first to market with new car(s).

    Kadee®, from time to time, will release Special Edition RTR cars such as Christmas cars, anniversary cars, themed cars, and tribute cars. Partners can elect to receive a distinct fixed quantity of these cars.

    Upon completion of manufacturing a new car(s), Kadee® will:

    • Send an E-Mail notification informing Partners of the new release and,
    • Ship all Car Club orders the same business day the notification E-Mail is sent.

    (5) Five business days later, Kadee® will publicly announce the release of the new car(s).

    Participation in the Car Club is completely voluntary and is not dependent on regular order volumes or frequency.

    Partners that wish to participate in the Car Club must agree to, and comply with, the Terms and Conditions as described in this document. Partners will be notified via E-Mail of the new car(s) as soon as they are ready to ship. This notification will include a picture of the car(s) along with details including MSRP, style, road name, road number, and public release date.

    To remain enrolled in the Car Club, Partners must:

    • Agree to receive the Car Club notification via E-Mail,
    • Have an Open Account or valid Card-on-File,
    • Elect a fixed quantity of at least (1) one of each car(s) to receive and,
    • Maintain an account in good standing.

    Adjusting Quantities
    Partners that wish to adjust the quantity of cars they receive with each Car Club order may sign and submit a new Kadee® Car Club Terms and Conditions document. Once Kadee® receives the signed document, the Partner’s next Car Club order will contain the updated quantity of cars. Kadee® cannot adjust the quantity of cars on a Partner’s Car Club order once the E-Mail notification has been sent.

    Kadee® cannot add additional Kadee® products to a Car Club order. Kadee® cannot add additional quantities of the newly released car(s) onto the Car Club order. Partners that wish to order additional quantities of the newly released Kadee® car(s) may do so by placing an order on or after the public release date of the newly released car.

    Partners will be billed by Kadee® via the same methods agreed upon in the Partner’s original Dealer/E-Tailer/Distributor agreement.

    Car Club orders will be shipped the same day the E-Mail notification is sent.

    Kadee® Partners will be charged:

    • $6 shipping for Car Club orders containing 1-2 car(s)
    • $9 shipping for Car Club orders containing 3-4 cars
    • $12 shipping for Car Club orders containing 5 or more cars

    Termination and Order Cancellations
    Kadee® or the Partner may terminate a Partner’s participation in the Car Club at any time. Partners must maintain a fixed quantity of at least (1) one car to remain enrolled in the Car Club. Partners that fail to meet all of the requirement will be removed from the Car Club. Canceled or returned Car Club orders are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

    Partner Details

    Partner Name:

    Partner Customer Number:

    Partner E-Mail Address:

    Quantity of RTR cars to receive:

    Quantity of Special Edition RTR cars to receive:

    I wish to enroll in the Kadee® Car Club and agree to the above Terms and Conditions.


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