Kadee® Car Club

Enroll in the Kadee® Car Club today and you'll receive every new Kadee® RTR car delivered right to your door without lifting a finger!

The old confusing Standing Order Program will be discontinued May 1, 2021 and replaced with the new Kadee® Car Club. All existing participants of the old Standing Order Program (that includes you, retail guys) will have the opportunity to enroll in the new program.

If you were previously a participant in the old Standing Order Program, or wish to sign up for the first time, simply fill out the new enrollment form.

Benefits of enrolling in the Kadee® Car Club include:

• Advanced knowledge of our new car releases 5 business days before everyone else
• Your cars will ship out 5 business days before the public release announcement
• Have the opportunity to prepare marketing and sales tools 5 business days before everyone else
• You'll receive a guaranteed quantity of each car (no more missing out)
• Be first to market with new Kadee® cars

Enroll today to enjoy all of these great benefits!

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