On30 Scale (1:48)

On30 trains are models of narrow gauge railways in O scale. On30 scale model trains are a 1:48 scale of their real-life counterparts and run on a 0.65 in (16.5 mm) HO gauge track. Shop our selection of On30 products and find your perfect solution.

There are two sizes of couplers that are used on On30 models, standard head HO scale couplers (like our NO.5® and #148) found on Bachmann On30 models and On3 size of couplers (our #803) used on On30 models made by manufacturers of On3 models.

If you have mostly Bachmann On30 models use our #148 HO coupler if your models have option of On3 and that's what you want to use them use our #803 coupler. Note that the HO couplers are mounted at the lower HO coupler height and not the higher On3 coupler height.