Kits and Key Rings (October 2019)

I consider Columbus Day the beginning of the Holiday Season that seems to happen every year. It starts with Columbus Day on the 14th of October, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, then New Year’s Day. Columbus Day we celebrate his discovery of the Americas, which he wasn’t the first and it was a complete accident. Halloween began as an obscure religious celebration that somehow transition into Trick or Treat. Thanksgiving was a series of celebrations up and down the east coast to give thanks for just surviving. Of course Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birth and what he freely done for all mankind. New Years is to celebrate the beginning of a new year and ending the old year. I would highly recommend that all of us research and study these holidays a lot more to get a deeper and better understanding of their real meaning, especially Christmas. Unfortunately, there are too many people that think life is nothing but a big party that are only looking for reasons to keep them from facing reality. These are the ones that miss out on the joy of truly knowing and understanding the meaning of these holidays, which is actually pretty sad.

Many modelers do not know that we offer “kits” of most of our 40 and 50 foot PS-1 box cars. There are three 40 foot and six 50 foot kits with different door sizes and features depicting different types of body styles and time eras. The kits are all unpainted box car red and “do not include decals” leaving it up to the modeler to acquire the decals according to their desired railroad and paint schemes. The kits require “no glue” as our RTR cars do not have any glue on them either. Most of the parts are press in friction fit and others snap in or are hook type fittings. The Hydro-Cushion chassis is already assembled with floor, under frames, trucks and couplers installed. Some parts are loose and a few require trimming off the sprue. The cars are relatively easy to assemble using the included instructions, photos, and drawings.

We do not make kits for our hoppers or tank cars because of the complicated parts and assembly procedures. However, we do make assembled undecorated hoppers and box cars.

We do still offer our logging car kits that seem to be more popular than ever. We’ve been selling these logging kits for a very long time and will continue to do so.

Along with our kits we do offer many of our detail parts as retail products like our brake (hand) wheels, doors, ladders, grab irons, and roof walks (running boards). There’s a nice template made to help mount our side grab irons and ladders made by Pierre Oliver of Elgin Car Shops and Yarmouth Model Works (part #YMW-502) and it works very nicely to locate the mounting holes.

Another product I’ve not mentioned before is our Key Rings made from one of our G scale couplers. See the add in this flier showing many new colors that are now available. These are quite popular and unique as a special gift for any model railroader or anyone for that matter.

As I’ve mentioned before, we rarely announce new products until they are ready to put on the market. This way we are not disappointing our customers if there are delays or problems with a new product. Since all of our products are made right here in our own factory we have immediate quality control without having to deal with communicating with an overseas manufacturer. This has been a Kadee family tradition that will never change.

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