Back to School (September 2019)

September is usually related to back to school which means school shopping and not model railroad shopping. On the other hand, the kids are back in school giving parents a relief of sorts. This in turn means you can get back to model railroading, right? Perhaps not with all the school activities starting up again requiring parents participation and such. But then you're still spending quality time with your family keeping them close; showing how much you care and love them. Now if you're clever enough after you've helped them with their home work, helped clean up after dinner, you can keep them away from the TV, computers, electronic games, texting, and other useless distractions by getting them involved with model railroading. They need to see you enjoying yourself not only with your hobby but sharing your interests and skills with them and helping them, again spending quality time with them. Your family should be the most important thing in your life. Spending time with them should be the most enjoyable part of your life.

Most of us have things we enjoy that don't involve something electronic where we can actually use our own brain, skills, and experience. These are the things we need to share with the youth of this world and model railroading is one of many. To me, many kids are so dependent upon something electronic that they've lost the desire to even try anything involving manual effort, skill development, or even thinking on their own. Now I'm not against modern technology and electronics at all, but I'm concerned about the abuse and dependence on electronics that seems to be taking over our lives. Can you imagine how lost much of our youth would be if they had to live without any electronic gizmos for even a month including TV, cells, and computers? They'd have to rely on their own memories, skills, and experience, they have to actually think for themselves and use standard methods of communications, like talking and even hand writing notes, postal mail and telephones. The withdrawals would be life threatening I'm sure.

I grew up with party line phones, one channel black and white TV, with antennas, that turned off at midnight, in bed before 9PM on school nights and walking a very long way to and from school. Oh yea a single car and a mom that didn't have to work. My dad built his own house and didn't know how when he began. It was a cinder block house with a basement and you can see his learning curve of laying block from the bottom to the top of the house.

My point is that there is a lack in our youth of common skills, a desire to try, the dependence on electronics for daily life, and the lack of initiative to even notice or care about these things.

That's why we need to have a more close knit family life where we all can better share all we have with others. Provide a secure loving home where our kids really want to come home to knowing it's safe from the world.

Happy model railroading, make it a family experience and share it with others.

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