2019 NMRA National Train Show (August 2019)

Thanks to all those that commented on my July article. This tells me that not only it’s actually being read but there are many of you that still have a Patriotic Heart and appreciate the history of this country.

We recently attended the 2019 NMRA National Train Show in Salt Lake City, UT. It seems like there were more conventioneers this year but less public attendance. However, on top of that the actual organization of the event was different. Hopefully this will lead to solving the many issues from past shows.

We attended this show because we could drive to it and to introduce our new #705 HOn3 coupler. The #705 is fully assembled all metal coupler in a snap together plastic box. It retails for $5.95 for a package of four (4) each. It is fully compatible with our older #714 HOn3 coupler and will fit anywhere the #714 will fit. Please remember it’s not meant to be taken apart but only used in it’s own box as assembled as the centering system’s design only works in the #705 draft gear box. The package includes 00-90 x 3/16” brass mounting screws. We are currently assembling these couplers as fast as we can to build up a reserve stock and until we have a built up stock of these we can not offer the centering and knuckle springs as after market products. Be patient this stuff takes time as well as the time it takes to fit a new product into our already busy production schedule.

By the time this article is published I’d have attended the 2019 St. Louis RPM (Railroad Prototype Modeler’s Meet) in Collinsville, IL. This is a small but very important RPM meet. The attendees are very highly respected modelers, historians, authors, collectors, along with major vendors, manufacturers, and historical societies. It is a very enjoyable event where all of us enjoy the friendship, clinics, models and displays, information, and vendor’s products.

If you know of an RPM, or any train show, in your area I’d highly recommend attending and even getting involved in helping. The RPM’s held in St. Louis (Collinsville), Naperville (Lisle), and Cocoa Beech (FL) are becoming national events in the prototype modelers world.

Future shows for Kadee will be the National Garden Railway Convention in Portland, OR at the end of August, Trainfest in Milwaukee, WI in November, then Amherst in West Springfield, MA in late Jan. 2020.

The Kato group was also showing a new product 85065K at the NMRA Train Show. It is an adapter kit for their passenger cars that makes it easy to install a Kadee #5 coupler or other standard shank couplers depending on the coupler height. The coupler height may change from car to car depending on the use of different trucks for electrical pickup. We certainly thank them and commend them and any manufacturer that makes it easy to install Kadee couplers on their models.

I hope everyone is getting use to our new website, we are still fine tuning certain things so let us know if you find any glitches or problems. Once you know how things work and how to find what you need it is quite a bit easier than our older website. Change, progress, and modern technology can’t be avoided or ignored.

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