Independence Day (July 2019)

We just celebrated another 4th of July also known as “Independence Day” and I hope everyone really enjoyed the Holiday. Also, I hope more of us spent some quite time reflecting and reverencing the real meaning of “Independence Day”. There are so many more things we should be thinking about than the parties, picnics, and bar-b-ques to celebrate this glorious 4th of July Holiday. What does this holiday really mean to us, this country, and even to the world. It’s not just another holiday, it has meaning and purpose.

I remember when I was in school how much we were taught about our country, it’s history (good and bad), and how important it is to know and understand it’s beginnings. Then as school continued so did the learning as a continuum of the history of this country. Now because of so much interference by politicians and government in general our public schools are a shameful disgrace according to the way they teach, what is taught and not taught. For those dedicated teachers that really care about the students, their education, and their future that teach not because it’s just a job but because you actually care, I commend you so please don’t be offended by my comments, I know what your up against.

The beginnings of this country, as a country, began July 4th, 1776 when our forefathers took the brave step in declaring our Independence from the unfair suppressive government of England. They wrote the “Declaration of Independence” and presented it to our citizens, England, and the world. Then after 8 years of war, that started before the Declaration of Independence was written, with the help from France and indirect help from Spain and the Dutch we actually “won our Independence”. It wasn’t given to us as an entitlement, like many want today, it wasn’t purchased, like the wealthy would think they could do, it was “fought for and died for” by armed citizens that formed organized militias, armies, and navies because they simply had enough suppression of their rights, confiscation of property, unfair taxes and fees (another name for taxes). They were tired of not having any control, vote, or representation of what was being forced upon them. Congress, state, and local governments you need to listen to this, you’re just repeating history.

When we watch the fireworks remember they represent the battles that our forefathers fought and died for to give us this country and the freedoms we have. This first war is called the “ American Revolutionary War” because we rebelled against the suppressive government of England. It’s also called the “ American War of Independence” because it was the war fought to retain our declared independence.

Unfortunately, a great deal of important information is simply left out of what’s being taught in our schools. I would highly recommend to all of us read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, at least the Bill of Rights. Also, study the history of the American Revolution and continue through the War of 1812 where England tried to take America back as they continued to disrespect the rights of an independent country and it’s citizens. This is the war that Francis Scott Key penned a poem “Defence of Fort M’Henry” that in 1931 became our National Anthem “The Star Spangled Banner”. The next time the 4th of July comes around, or anytime for that matter, study the history and remember what it’s all about. Patriotism is not a sin or a crime but an honor and privilege.

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