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Bigger, Better, Faster (April 2019)

In this age of high tech computers and electronics we are faced with constant changes, upgrades, new programs and older programs being obsolete or unsupported. We are in that situation and will soon be changing out website to better accommodate the constant changes we face. This will start with a new shopping cart that will eventually merge our two part website into a single shopping cart program site. All of the information we have available on the non shopping cart side of our current website will still be available and accessible on our new site. This means there will be changes and new procedures to learn. Please understand that none of these are and endangerment of life or threatening in any way. It just means that those of us older guys that might be somewhat more computer challenged than a grade school kid will simply have to learn a few new things, you’ll be OK, it’s painless, just different. Bigger, Better, Faster just like new stuff in the old days.

As spring transitions into summer so does model railroading generally transition from an indoor to an outdoor activity. As the snow melts and warmer weather comes garden railroading activities increase. Although there are areas where garden railroading is a year round activity but for many areas it’s a matter of waiting for good weather, as a seasonal activity. Indoor model railroading is available year round but decreases during summer because of outdoor activities with longer days and daylight. We notice this from our sales, HO sales increase during winter and Large Scale (G Scale) increases during the summer.

With common scale models available from Z to F scales modelers can choose whatever size or sizes that suits their needs and desires. I converse with many that have changed their modeling scale for a number of different reasons. Some move up to larger scales because of age, eye sight, and dexterity, some change to smaller scales because of room constraints after moving into a small house of apartment. Some change because of financial reasons and some change because of limited equipment available in certain scales or gauges. The most common scales that supply large selections of equipment are N, HO, O, and the various large scales. Unfortunately, Z, TT, S scale and most narrow gauge do not have as large of a selection available as the more popular scales do. In addition to this there are many that scratch build their models from odd and unusual rolling stock to locomotives. Some of these scratch builders make absolute to the scale detail prototypical models and some complete fantasy models. However if you’re modeling logging or mining or other small or odd industrial railroads then just about anything goes as far as prototypical accuracy. These small railroads actually build most of their own equipment so if you are modeling a railroad of this sort you can do whatever your heart desires as there really is not any prototype guidance to follow. On the other hand just remember that no matter what it’s your layout, it’s your railroad and you can do whatever you want.

Model railroading is a hobby and is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. So do all you can to enjoy this hobby and share that joy with others.

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