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HOn3 Trucks & HO RTR Cars (March 2019)

When we were at the 2019 Amherst Train show in January we sold quite a number of our new HOn3 trucks. More than we've sold at any previous show since their introduction. It seems like these new trucks are getting to be more and more popular as time goes on. These new trucks are so much easier to assemble and less complicated than our older #716 and #717 HOn3 trucks. We used the same HGC material and two piece design as our newer HO scale trucks. The following are the new HOn3 trucks we presently offer.

#720 3' 7" Arch Bar, #721 4' 6" Arch Bar, #722 A.S.F. A-3 Ride Control, #723 Andrews (1898), #724 Bettendorf "T" Section, #726 Vulcan.

This variety covers most of the truck needs in HOn3.

We have recently expanded our HO RTR freight car line with the release of our Pre-1950 40' PS-1 box cars. This line of PS-1s was built from 1947 to 1949 and these cars had quite a number of details that made them different than cars built 1950 and after. Just like the cars built 1950 and after these earlier cars have a transition of details through the years of production. We have been able to accommodate most of these details in our new pre-50 cars.

We are constantly being asked if and when we'll do certain paint schemes on our cars. If the paint scheme is one we can actually do without any complicated masking we'll more than likely will get around to doing it. We try to do a variety of roads and schemes each month. Please note that our freight cars are not our "Primary" product but are only one of a number of secondary products we produce. Meaning that we do many things different than other manufacturers whose cars are their primary products.

Our first RTR 40' PS-1 box car was released in June of 1997, then we added a 50' PS-1, two bay PS-2 covered hopper, an AAR 50 ton two bay open hopper, cushioned under frame 50' PS-1, an 11,000 gal insulated ACF tank car, and now the pre-1950 40' PS-1 box car.

We also are asked if we are going to make more modern freight cars and presently we have no plans to because most freight car manufactures are making modern freight cars and many of them are very nice high quality cars. If we do another car it will be in the transition or steam era. We make all of our products right here in our own shop and we do all of our own machining and tooling. To do another car from scratch takes anywhere from 2-4 years to do all the tooling, depending on the type of car.

We have a long list of projects we'd like to do and they're listed according to priorities and the priorities change constantly being moved up and down the list. Some projects are "as time allows" projects and may take quite a long time to finish if at all. This is one of many reasons we do not announce any new products before they are ready to release.

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