Amherst Show (February 2019)

We attended the 2019 Amherst Train show in West Springfield, MA the last weekend of Jan. To us this year's show was busier than the previous year with an attendance of over 17,000 ticketed plus venders. We really enjoy this Amherst Show along with Trainfest in Milwaukee, WI. We do attend other shows but not consistently as these two. It usually depends upon on costs and business scheduling.

At the show we had quite a number of inquiries about several different things and I'll try to address a few of them here, they are not in any particular order.

I had several people bring us used passenger cars they just purchased asking if we made trucks and couplers for them. We do not make passenger car trucks and since the original couplers were mounted to the missing trucks and their limited option is to body mount the couplers after they found trucks that would fit. Depending on the length of the car and the radius of curves they run on they could use a common body mounted #5 or #148 coupler for large radius, a long shank #146 for a bit more coupler arch, or our #451 extra swing coupler for long cars on tighter curves. In reference of where to look for after market passenger car trucks I usually recommend looking at the Walther's catalog first as it has a large selection in one place but after that I don't have any other recommendations.

We are constantly asked if we are going to make O scale trucks and to answer that we have plans to "eventually" but it's not a high priority yet.

We've had some questions about making more HOn3 products but again, it's a matter of priorities. Not long ago we introduced a new series of HOn3 trucks and at Amherst we sold more than half of what we brought to the show. We also sold all of the HOn3 couplers that we brought.

We are not selling our cushion underframes as separate items as we produce just enough for our needs.

We are not going to make bulk packages of all of our HO couplers just those that have a high demand and are the most popular.

Most Sn3 modelers use our standard head HO couplers like the #5 or #148 couplers.

Bachmann On30 models will use our #148 HO coupler as a direct replacement for their EZ-Mate couplers on most of their On30 models.

Most new HO models that come with a factory knuckle couplers will use our #148 whisker coupler.

I was asked several times about what type of glue we recommend for our between the rails uncouplers like the #321 and #322. I like to use a rubber cement that still has some flex after it's set, like Walthers Goo and such. This makes it easier to remove the magnet if you don't like the location.

We are not going to make "Offset" Scale Head couplers, they are just too ugly.

We don't know when we will do another style of freight car or what it might be, we have too many other projects going on right now and we just released the pre 1950 PS-1 series of our 40' PS-1 box cars.

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