Happy New Year (January 2019)

Well it's here 2019, Happy New Year!! Time to make those new year resolutions and set new goals and dreams and to go to the local RR Club and brag about all the new model railroading stuff you got for Christmas (or you bought for yourself).

Are those resolutions really achievable goals or have you set your desires and expectations too high? Perhaps by March you'll have forgotten all about them or they're still on your mind but you just haven't got around to them yet. Maybe by April or May you'll be really into those resolutions and making progress and changes or you've come to the conclusion that you're in the "old dog new tricks" scenario. Of course, you don't want to admit that it's a matter of stubbornness, pride, ego, laziness, or lack of confidence, or even fear. However, there are priorities with many New Years resolutions such as health and families and maybe model railroading. So when you're setting those goals be sure they are realistic and achievable with incentives and rewards.

Here we are at the beginning of 2019 so what's your motivation for making New Years resolutions? Are you ready to commit and follow through and do you have your family's support?

As far as model railroading are you building a new layout, expanding, building new kits, or breaking in a new locomotive, or converting Analog to DCC? Are you planning to share your modeling skills with your kids, grand kids, or friends? Are you a beginner and need to learn more skills and gain more experience? Do you want to attend more train shows, join a model railroad club, convert a garage, attic, basement, for a layout? Are you learning to build better scenery, weather your models, learning how to wire, install a new motor and gears in your favorite loco? Have you learned how important it is you use quality couplers and why it's important to install them correctly at the correct height and as level as possible? Of course, you should know that Kadee will help you with any coupler issues you might have (except N scale).

I've been receiving many coupler conversion questions asking about models that are not listed in our coupler conversion lists. Most often new models will come with factory installed knuckle couplers and if they are not already Kadee couplers most often our #148 whisker coupler is a direct replacement for the original coupler. Always check the coupler height regardless if the model has a knuckle coupler, check it before and after you install a Kadee coupler. There are quite a number of manufacturers that factory install Kadee couplers on all or most of their models and we as well as the modelers appreciate this.

We will be attending the Amherst Train Show at th end of this month, January 26th and 27th in West Springfield, MA. We'll be in our normal spot in the BLC building. We highly recommend attending this show as it is one of the biggest and best train shows in the country.

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