NMRA Train Show & Large Scale Offset Couplers (July 2018)

I'll be at the St Louis RPM in Collinsville, IL the weekend of July 20-21. This will be my first time at this particular "Railroader Prototype Modeler's" meet and I'm really looking forward to meeting many people that I correspond with and the many that have been trying to get me to come to this RPM.

This year Kadee will not be attending the NMRA National Train Show in Kansas City, MO for a number of reasons. However, I'd like to vent a bit about the NMRA Train shows and why we only attend some of them. They are the most expensive train show for us to attend, unfortunately, their venues are usually in downtown locations that are a real pain for traffic, parking, pricey hotels, pricey meals. Then they use a union contractor which adds a lot of extra costs. The NMRA Train show in Orlando, FL was much better than many previous NMRA National events. Granted scheduling large event centers has to be done years ahead but, as far as I can see, the attendance is going down and cost are going up. I know several venders and dealers that will no longer attend NMRA National Train Shows until something drastic changes in the way they operated and their venue selections.

The NMRA does a great deal to promote model railroading but they need to start listening to the venders and planning on different venues without union contractors. We will continue to attend Trainfest and Amherst train shows and although they are two different styles of shows, they do put on good shows.

Continuing from last month's article about our large scale products. I've receive quite a number of inquiries since then and I hope some of the following with answer some of them.

In Large scale we offer "offset" couplers that raises the coupler head but we don't make large scale couplers that lowers the head. This is because most often using Kadee couplers requires raising the common factory coupler heights to the correct prototypical coupler height. "Offset" means "off center" either higher or lower than a centerset coupler. In HO and O scale we have couplers that lower the head. In large scale a medium off set is about .200" higher than a center set and a large off set is .400" higher than a center set coupler. We do not make off set couplers in the body mounted style like the #1 scale #820 or G scale #830. Most often with body mounted couplers you have to shim down to achieve the correct coupler height rather than having to raise the height. We offer two sizes of large scale couplers with two styles of coupler heads. #1 scale is 1:32 scale ratio and G scale is 1:22.5 scale ratio. These two sizes cover most of the different scales used in large scale modeling. We offer the original style couplers and our newer AAR Type "E" new generation couplers. The newer couplers have a much more prototypical looking head and the knuckle spring is hidden inside of the head and not exposed like the original. Both are compatible with each other, however, the original style will couple to other makes of knuckle couplers better than the newer style.

With a very large selection of Large Scale couplers we can convert just about any model to Kadee couplers and our web site has a great deal of conversion information under "coupler conversions".

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