Large Scale Modeling (June 2018)

As the warmer weather takes over indoor model railroading becomes less prominent and outdoor model railroading increases, of course this makes sense. We find an increase in large scale sales as the garden railroaders get out and about after being cooped up. Perhaps building a few models and servicing and repairing others and helping around the house with the domestics and in some areas shoveling snow. I'm sure they've been anticipating the sunshine and good weather as we all have.

This month we are featuring a few popular G scale products to help get things moving along. First our most popular G scale couplers are the body mounted original style #830 and the New Generation AAR Type E #906. Both use the same draft gear box and mounting basics and the only difference is the actual coupler head. The newer #906 has a much more detailed prototypical contoured head and the knuckle spring is hidden inside the head. Both styles are completely compatible with each other. The next is the common original style truck mounted #831 and the newer #909. These both use the draft gear box that fits on the common plastic truck mounted coupler arm with the round nub on the end. This type of mount is used by most large scale manufacturers on most of their rolling stock. The #830 and #906 body mounted couplers are used to custom fit a coupler to the under body when converting from truck mounted couplers to body mount. The USA Trains Ultimate Series models have body mounted platforms already made for our #830 or #906 couplers. These Ultimate Series models usually have metal trucks with metal couplers attached that do not adapt to Kadee couplers.

Many large scale modelers do not know that we now make "G" Scale freight car trucks and wheel sets. We have an assortment of styles #970 ASF A-3 Ride Control, #971 ASF "Bettendorf", #972 Arch Bar rib back wheels, #973 Barber S-2 70 ton Roller Bearing, and #974 ASF 100 ton Roller Bearing with 36" wheels. These are all metal with all metal wheels and use the two piece design that allows an equalizing ride and they come with adapters to help mount them on several different makes of models. The #973 and #974 have rotating bearing caps.

We market the 33" wheel sets in one pair packages as #950 uncolored smooth back, #951 uncolored rib back, #960 black smooth back, and #961 black rib back. Both the trucks and wheel sets are 1:29 scale, however, the 1:29 scale 33" wheels actually scales out to 36" in 1:32 (#1) scale. The wheel sets will fit most manufacturer's trucks.

For large scale coupler conversions check our website at and follow through to the manufacturer of your model. If what you need is not listed or you just are not a computer person then contact us and we'll help as much as possible. Try not to search for a coupler conversion in the coupler section you may get overwhelmed. Many of our couplers are made specifically for certain models but most are used for a multitude of applications on different models. So make it easier on yourselves and consult our conversion info or us directly when needed.

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