New Year (January 2018)

Well... here it is the New Year 2018. We hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas and will be having a Happy New Year.

We hope you got a lot of model railroading stuff and have a lot of modeling plans this coming year rather than worrying about paying off credit cards and loans. What fun is that? Have you got over all the college bowl games, run the relatives out, and are now settling back down to some normality? Are you making actual real New Years resolutions you intend to keep or just going through the motions to make yourself look good around others or fit in with the crowd? I'm not going to mention all the common resolutions everybody makes but perhaps some that apply to model railroading.

* Finishing the layout and building the pile of kits might be the two most popular.
* Cleaning up the work bench, putting tools where they belong, this applies to the garage in general too.
* Converting all your couplers to Kadee's, quit fooling around with inferior couplers.
* Get your kids and or grand kids involved, make it a family hobby.
* Learn and develop new modeling skills and share your knowledge and experience.
* Go to more train shows with your family.
* Go ahead and buy that new locomotive or at least put it on your Christmas list.
* Quit pretending that you know everything and it's OK to get help and ask questions, your way is not the only way.
* Get some bravado and learn and do something new, just go ahead and try. Failure is nothing more than an extended learn curve.
* Don't expect perfection without working for it.
* Support your local hobby shop, modeling club, and RR Historical Society.
* Support you wife's hobby before expecting her to support yours.
* Help others into the hobby when the opportunity arises, make the opportunity happen yourself.
* Be yourself, don't be too trendy, do what you like, it's your hobby and layout.
* Get rid of the stress and worries. Model railroading "is a hobby" and is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable. If it isn't then change something, loosen up, lighten up, learn to enjoy every aspect of this hobby.
* Your family is the most important so make sure the balance of your life is based around your family and not your hobby.

Now get off the couch, make yourself a nice sandwich, and get back to model railroading, the Holidays are over, Happy New Year.

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