Merry Christmas (December 2017)

We hope every one had a great Thanksgiving and are now planning to have a wonderful and Merry Christmas and perhaps a Happy New Year.

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks for what we have received but Christmas means so much more. Certainly it's a time of giving thanks especially to our Lord Jesus Christ for what he freely did for us and the world. But what have we done for him in return? One of the many things that He did for us was to set an example of love and service and how we should treat each other. Regardless of our religion, race, culture, demographics, social standing, education, intelligence, or other class distinctions Jesus Christ's example applies to all of us. As He taught Love, Kindness, Service, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Understanding, and many other attributes that we all could use and apply a lot more. Imagine the entire world living by the attributes of Christ. What peace this world would have (can have).

So this Christmas Season (and always) remember Christ and his message. There's a special reverence that comes with Christmas and we need to share our time in the service of others and really spread quality lasting good cheer that can be felt by all we meet. Imagine saying "Merry Christmas" to a stranger and having them really feel we genuinely mean it. I'm sure we all can see and feel the difference in people between the Christmas Season and perhaps the middle of summer. Even those who are out shopping for the latest fad in electronic gadgets, that spend more time decorating for the arrival of Santa Claus rather than for the birth of Christ, can get into the spirit of good cheer and not even know why. So why can't we feel this way all year long? We can if we put Christ back into our lives or for those that do have Him in your lives, put Him deeper into your lives. For those of you that don't believe in Christ for whatever reason you can still feel the above mentioned attributes and I'm sure you do when you're out and about during the Christmas Season. Spreading the "good cheer" of Christ does not threaten anyone nor is it meant to offend anybody. It's a simple message of Peace and Love.

Everything that Christ did and does is for the benefit of "all mankind" and not just for a select few. At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Christ and in the Christian world it is the largest holiday celebration we have. The birth of Christ is that important to us because we understand what His birth and life means to us and the world.

I hope we all can grasp the true meaning of Christmas, get over the commercialism of Santa Claus, and learn to feel the love of Christ so we can then help spread His message of Good Cheer with joy in our hearts that others can see and feel.

Let us all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and help others do so too.

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