Holiday Season (November 2017)

Now it's November and we're deeper into the "holiday season" but it seems like we're in the "protest season" rather than the Holiday Season. This is a season of "thanksgiving, of sharing, service to others, of reverence, kindness, and above all a season of love". Now what is there to be protested about these? As long as I can remember the Holiday Season has always represented these quality character traits. These are the values my parents taught me, my church taught me, and my school taught me. Yes, that's right my school actually taught these values and we "enjoyed" our holidays by applying these character traits. We also were taught the " historical importance" of each holiday. I mean the "complete history" of how and why we celebrate these particular days and seasons. Because we understand the true meaning of all of our holidays we have nothing to protest about and we can more fully enjoy our holidays.

To me the protesters have ignored most of the historical events that surround these holidays. When Columbus Day came we heard protesters celebrating "indigenous peoples day" because of what Columbus's discovery brought to the local natives by the white Europeans that came later. This is agreeable if you only look at the later part of the story, which is indeed a very sad and shameful part of history. However, what has been over looked or ignored is the fact that the indigenous people were treating each other no different than the way white Europeans treated them. I haven't seen any protests about that?

This now is extending to our "Thanksgiving Day" as more of the misguided are hopping onto the protesting band wagon. Again ignoring the complete historical story that surrounds Thanksgiving, they've selected small parts of history completely out of context to fit their particular agendas.

I plan on enjoying my Holidays because I look at them for their real meaning. "Thanksgiving" is when we give "thanks" for all we have and what's been "given" to us. "Christmas" is when we celebrate the birth of Christ and His love for us and for all He's done for us. "New Year's Day" is when we celebrate a new beginning, a fresh start, a new year.

Yes, there are many other "Holidays" celebrated by other religions and cultures that I haven't mentioned and most of these are hopefully meant to be enjoyed, just like our holidays. I'll enjoy my holidays and you can enjoy yours, what can be more agreeable?

Kadee will be closed Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after, we'll be closed for the entire Christmas week and be back to work on the 2nd of January 2018.

I plan on spending my time with my family doing all we can simply enjoying the time together. We'll give God the gratitude for all we have and pray that he'll soften the hearts of those that do not understand the true meaning of our Holidays. May all of us enjoy our holidays, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!

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