Answers to Common Questions (September 2017)

As I mentioned last month we attended the NMRA National Train Show in Orlando, Fl. As far as we are concerned is was one of the better NMRA Train Shows we've attended in a very long time. Although the number of attendees has not increased much it just seemed to be better and busier. Hopefully next year's NMRA National Train Show in Kansas City will even be better and better attended because of it's more centralized location.

There are quite a number of items I feel a need to address because they keep coming up over and over again. The following comments are in no particular order of importance of subject.

>The whisker® equivalent to the NO.5® coupler is the #148.
>Newer HO models with Bachmann EZ-Mate, Athern's McHenry, Accumate, Wather's Proto Max, or other makes of knuckle couplers will most often use our #148 whisker® coupler as a direct replacement. Be sure to check the coupler heights regardless.
>Most On30 models especially Bachmann's will also use our #148 whisker® coupler.
>We do not make O scale "three rail" oversized couplers. Our O scale couplers are actual scale size and are designed to be body mounted. Thanks to MTH for making body mounted coupler platforms for Kadee couplers. Most other makes of O scale models can be converted to Kadee couplers with a bit of custom fitting.
>It is very important to get all of your couplers mounted at the same correct coupler height. This is a must for consistent dependable performance.
>Our #118 SF and #119 SE double shelf couplers are two totally different types of couplers and are made to actual scale. The #118 SF coupler looks over scale but it is not, it looks this way because it's simply a larger prototype coupler. Both couplers are fully functional and will not slip up or down out of the opposing coupler. Although they are not designed to compensate for rough or bad track, many modelers use them on their longer rolling stock rather than fixing their track.
>We have two sizes of large scale couplers our #1 scale couplers are 1:32 scale ratio and our "G" scale couplers are larger at 1:22.5 scale ratio.
>Our G scale #830 and newer #906 are the most common couplers used for body mounting and the #831 and newer #909 are used for most common truck mounting.
>Our newer G scale trucks are 1:29 scale ratio and have adapters included to help mount these trucks to most major makes of freight cars.
>We do not make O scale wheels or trucks, they might become a future project.
>We do not make HO scale passenger car trucks, only freight and caboose trucks.
>Sorry but we do not offer discounts to retail customers, we do not like to undercut our valuable dealers.
>We have two sizes of HO couplers, "scale head" and "standard head". Scale head, like the #158 coupler, are smaller and close to actual scale size. Standard head, like the NO.5® coupler, are a bit over scale. Both sizes are completely compatible.
>We do not make "offset" scale head couplers only center set because an offset scale head coupler is simply too ugly.
>We do not make or sell the metal clip on HO Coupler Covers found on (or off) older Athearn models. These are an Athearn product only, part number ATH90602.
>There are many products we do not make because the market isn't large enough to justify the tooling cost, the higher demand the higher a project moves up our list.

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