Large Scale (April 2017)

As the weather turns warmer and drier (hopefully) there is somewhat of a transition from indoor to outdoor activities and this includes model railroading. We find an increase in sales and inquiries for the larger #1 and "G" scale products through the warmer months, which of course makes sense.

This month we are promoting some of our larger scale products just to give you hope that there is going to be warmer and drier weather coming.

We do have an extensive line of #1 and G scale couplers and related products. Some of our couplers are considered more for general applications on popular models and other coupler packages are designed just for one or two particular models. Some of these particular models are no longer made and the demand for couplers for these has diminished to the point we will be discontinuing some of the odd coupler packages.

With the introduction of our newer large scale AAR Type E (new generation) couplers we have had modelers express concerns that we may discontinue the older original style and a clear answer to that is "no" we have no intentions of discontinuing the original #1 and G scale couplers except as mentioned above, keep the rumors to a minimum.

We have had other modelers ask if the old style works with the newer and yes they both are compatible with each other. The most common couplers are the truck mounted #831 and newer #909 (#1 scale #1831 and #1909) then the body mounted #830 and newer #906 (#1 scale #820 and #1906).

Not long ago we introduce a line of large scale wheels and more recently several trucks. These are 1:29 scale ratio and fill a gap left by the loss of Aristo Craft. We now have 5 different trucks that more or less covers most time eras and side frame styles. We also market the two types of 33" wheelsets, rib back and smooth back either black or uncolored bare metal (zinc). The trucks are all metal except for the insulated axle bushing and have our two piece design that allows flexibility which gives the trucks a free rolling and an equalizing ride, even over rough track.

The #970 is an A.S.F. A-3 Ride-Control 50 ton truck.
The #971 is a Bettendorf style 50 ton truck.
The #972 is an Arch Bar style truck with rib back wheels.
The #973 is a Barber S-2 Roller Bearing 70 ton truck with rotating caps.
The #974 is an A.S.F. 100 ton Roller Bearing truck with 36' wheels and rotating caps.

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