Draft Gear Boxes (March 2017)

We have been receiving many inquiries about the sale of separate draft gear boxes and I thought I'd better touch on this a bit.

We use the term "draft gear box" to describe a separate coupler box and the term coupler "pocket" as a molded on coupler box, however, both terms are used interchangeably.

We do in fact sell quite a number of our draft gear boxes as standard retail products.

The following are our current HO boxes and what they directly apply to.

#232 is the common box with the "ears" or side holes and this is used in our NO.5®, #58, and our 20-Series coupler packages.
#233 is the box use for our 30-Series coupler package that uses the thin wire torsion centering spring.
#234 Is used for the short shank #23, #24, and #25 couplers. It is similar to the #232 with a rounded front to keep the coupler head from hitting the corners of the box.
#242 This is the snap together box that comes with our 140 and 150-Series Whisker® couplers.
#252 Is a snap together modified #233 box designed for our Whisker® couplers.
#262 Is a narrow low profile snap together box made for our Whisker® couplers.
The #252 and #262 boxes are only sold as separate items without couplers.

With the #252 box and the 140-Series of Whisker® couplers you can duplicate any 30-Series coupler configuration, such as a #38 is the same as a #252 with a #148 coupler. Note the last digit in each series depicts the same configuration #27, #37, and #147 are all medium underset couplers.

The #262 box is similar to the narrow scale #178 (formally the #78) coupler box but is lower profile and can be fitted into many small openings. The box is 1/4' wide and near to actual scale size or the width of a standard center beam on most freight cars.

The #242, #252, and #262 boxes have snap on lids so the coupler assembly can be set aside until needed and will be easier to install.

All of our current boxes listed above will use a #2 screw (like a 2-56) in the center hole. The #232 and #234 boxes also have two holes on the sides of the box made for size 0 screws like the 0-80 and 0-48 screws.

We also have three "O" Scale boxes available, #817 black plastic standard box used with the plastic #804, #742, #745, #746, and #747 couplers, #818 all metal standard box used with our #805 and #740 couplers, and our newest #819 an all metal extended box used to depict the protruding boxes on cushion under frame cars. The #819 box does not come with couplers and any of our O Scale couplers will fit except the short #806 and #743 couplers.

We do market a number of our #1 and G scale boxes too.

The #910 (830 type), #910R (rust color 830 type), #911 (831 type), #912 (835 type), #913 (832 type), #915 (791/831 combo), #1920 (#1 scale 820 type), and #1920R (rust 820 type).

We sell other coupler draft gear boxes not listed upon direct special request.

Please note that products that are not listed do not have part numbers so if you need something not listed just describe it as best as possible.

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