New Pre Order Program (February 2017)

We recently attended the Amherst Railroad show in West Springfield, MA and this year the attendance was up to over 19,000 for a two day show and this does not include the venders or kids. The weather was quite mild which helped quite a bit. This is a great show and we'd certainly recommend it to all that can attend and even to those who can't.

We are planning on attending the Rocky Mountain Train Show in Denver, CO in early March. This show is getting bigger and better each year and is another show we recommend attending.

Many have noticed that we are announcing our monthly car releases differently. We are going to allow a longer pre-order period to help our customers get their orders in sooner which helps with our production quantities. Please note that presently we are going through the transition of these changes so there will be some bumps through the learning curve. Also note that we will stop normal pre-orders two months prior the release of each month's cars. We produce limited quantities of our cars and by pre-ordering it will make sure you receive a car or cars before they sell out. After the pre-order cut off date there's no guarantee that there will be cars available. Please keep a watch on our web site, monthly e-mails, and monthly fliers.

Also, pay attention to our monthly fliers for featured sale items. Each month we announce certain cars and other products on special sale of 5% to 10% off.

For the "O" Scalers we have just announced two new all metal draft gear boxes. The common #805/#740 sold separately as #818 and our "new" #819 extended all metal draft gear box that depicts a cushion under frame. Both of these boxes are designed for our O scale couplers except the short #806 and #743.

In addition to this and as a reminder our O scale couplers are actual 1:48 scale size and are designed to be mounted to the under body and not to the trucks. These couplers are much smaller than the common truck mounted "three rail" couplers which are close to 1:32 scale size. We do not make three rail couplers but only scale size two rail couplers that can be fitted to most three rail models.

We certainly thank those O scale model makers that are providing a coupler mounting platforms for our couplers. It is greatly appreciated by us and the modelers.

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