O-Scale Couplers (January 2017)

We at KadeeĀ® Quality Products hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year. Please note that we said "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and not Happy Holiday. If that offends someone we have this to say, "get over it", please. We are not trying to offend, we are trying to convey Christ's message of Peace, Kindness, Hope, Tolerance, and above all, LOVE. How and why could anybody get offended at that? That message isn't trying to harm you, change you or your beliefs, there's no threat in those words, nothing to be offended about or be afraid of. If you don't believe in Christ we're not offended, it's your choice and privilege and in some parts of the world it's your right to believe or not to believe as you choose and we have those same rights too. Be happy and Peace be with you through out this coming year.

I continually receive many requests for "O" scale couplers. The problem is that these requests are people wanting the over scale "three rail" Lionel type of couplers and "we do not make or market this type of coupler". Our "O" scale couplers are actual scale size (1:48 scale ratio) and are mostly called "two rail" couplers and they are designed to be mounted on the body of the model and not the trucks.

The Lionel three rail size of O scale couplers are actually close to 1:32 scale which is the same size as our #1 scale couplers (1:32 scale ratio) made for Large scale models like #1 scale, G scale, and Fn3.

We are about to release two "all metal" O scale draft gear boxes as separate retail products. The #818 is our common metal box that comes with our #805 and #740 O scale couplers and the all new #819 is an "extended version" of the #818. It's intended to depict a cushion under frame draft gear box that extends beyond the end of the car body. It uses the same mounting hole design as our other O scale boxes but is about 5/8" longer than the standard box. It also can be used to extend the coupler for extra clearance where needed or desired. These are sold without couplers and will accommodate any of our medium and long shank O scale couplers. The #818 sells for $3.75 and the #819 sells for $4.50 both packages contain 4 pair (8 boxes).

We have modelers contacting us for coupler conversion information or coupler selection help. After I talk or converse with them I usually find that the info they need is on our web site but they simply didn't know it was there, how to find it, or how much info we provide. The following link will take you to our conversion pages HO and G scale.

https://www.kadee.com/conv/convpl.htm Look through the information and if it does not help or you can't find what you need contact us and we'll see if we can help. Also, most if not all newer HO models come with knuckle couplers factory installed. For these models we may not list them in our conversion info because most are a simple direct change out for our #148 whisker coupler. This applies to many On30 models especially Bachmann that use HO scale couplers on their On30 models.

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