Kadee-RC Firmware Update Release Notes

The Kadee-RC hand held Transmitter and the Receiver Module support firmware upgrades.
At this time, updates must be done by Kadee Quality Products. (see instructions below)

Please check the Kadee® RC web site periodically for new features...

Version 0.31 (original release)
Transmitter Firmware Version 0.31 released December, 2012
Receiver Firmware Version 0.31 released December, 2012

Version 0.32
Receiver Firmware Version 0.32 released June, 2013

• Code update - Accommodate Transmitter firmware Version 0.33.

Version 0.33
Transmitter Firmware Version 0.33 released June, 2013

• Motor Control - This firmware update accommodates the ability to control a 5vdc motor directly from the Receiver Module. (coming soon).

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed an issue with device draining batteries when left in a particular state.



Instructions for Updating Firmware:
(Kadee Quality Products is not responsible for damage occurring during shipment to Kadee)*

1) Identify your Serial Number and Firmware Version:

You can check your Transmitter serial number and firmware version on by looking at the sticker on the back side of your battery door. The Transmitter firmware can also be checked by watching the display when you install the batteries. (see fig. 1)

The Receiver serial number and firmware version is located on the sticker on the back side of the Receiver.**

**The first release of Receiver Modules were labeled with the serial number only. (see fig. 2) All subsequent release include the serial number and the firmware version. (see fig. 3)


fig. 1 fig. 2 fig. 3
Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3

2) Go to the Kadee-RC Firmware Return Merchandise Authorization page. RMA
Fill out form & follow instructions on the page to acquire a Return Authorization Number for firmware updates.

(Your products must be registered to obtain firmware updates. If you have not registered your Kadee-RC products: go to and register.)

3) Once you receive your RMA, Mail your Kadee-RC with RMA to:
Please include your RMA number on the outside of the shipping box before returning it to us. Please package your return item in a shipping box with appropriate packaging. If you are not sure how to package an item for safe shipping, please consult a local shipping company.


Attention: RMA XXXX (where XXXX is put yout RMA Number)
Kadee Quality Products
673 Ave. C
White City, OR 97503

*We strongly recommended that you insure your shipment for the replacement value.

Customs clearance and any taxes, import duties or customs fees are the responsibility of the customer.

Your products will be updated and returned with postage paid within two business days of receipt.