Auscision HO Scale Coupler Conversions

The perfect solution for all of your coupler woes. Thanks to our extensive list of HO Scale coupler conversions it's easier than ever to fit Kadee® Couplers onto your locomotives and rolling stock. Our conversions typically require the least amount of modification to your model and the How-To Instructions and diagrams make fitting your new couplers a breeze. Remember to always check your coupler heights with our #206 Coupler Height Gauge. We've done the hard work for you so find the perfect coupler in the list below.*

  Whisker® Metal Coupler Standard Coupler Other Coupler Options


Any Medium Centerset Coupler

SA CLF Class Locomotive, SA CLP Class Locomotive, Indigenous NR Class Locomotive, NSW 80 Class Locomotive, VIC B Class Locomotive, NSW Mk1 44 Class Locomotive, SA 600 Class Locomotive, VIC C Class Locomotive, NSW 422 Class Locomotive, UGL NR Class Locomotive, UGL C43/44aci Locomotive, NSW 85 Class Electric Locomotive, NSW 86 Class Tri-Bogie Electric Locomotive, EDI GT46C-ACe Locomotive, SA BL Class Locomotive, VIC G Class Locomotive (Series 1), NSW 442 Class Locomotive, NSW 48 Class Locomotive, SA 830 Class Locomotive. VIC P Class Locomotive, VIC X Class Locomotive (Series 1), NSW 43 Class Locomotive, NSW 421 Class Locomotive, NSW 46 Class Electric Locomotive, NSW 86 Class Electric Locomotive, VIC L Class Electric Locomotive, NSW 45 Class Locomotive, SA AN Class Locomotive, VIC T Class Locomotive (Series 1 with cut away valance), NSW 73 Class Locomotive, VIC A Class Locomotive, SA EL Class Locomotive, VIC N Class Locomotive, VIC T Class Locomotive (Series 1), T Class Locomotive (SSR/CFCLA)

Railcars & Passenger Trains

Any Medium Centerset Coupler

NSW DEB Set Railcar, VIC Tait Suburban Electric Passenger Train, VIC CM Parcels Van, NSW XPT Passenger Train, NSW V Set Interurban Electric Passenger Train

Passenger Cars

Any Medium Centerset Coupler

The Overland Passenger Cars, NSW FAM Sleeping Cars, NSW/VR Southern Aurora® Passenger Set, NSW RUB Passenger Set, VIC N Passenger Cars, VIC E Passenger Cars, Indian Pacific® Passenger Cars, The Ghan® Passenger Cars, Southern Spirit® Passenger Cars, Great Southern® Passenger Cars

Freight Cars

Any Medium Centerset Coupler

NSW NDCH / NDMX Spoil Wagons, NSW NDXF Sleeper Wagon, NSW NQJX Container Wagon, NSW NQJX Spoil Bin Wagon, NSW CDY Open Wagon, NSW NQKY Container Wagon, NSW CTS Coal Hopper, NSW NHYH Coal Hopper, NSW NGVF Grain Hopper, NSW NPEF Clinker Hopper, NSW QHBH Coal Hopper, NSW BDX Open Wagon, NSW 36' Fish Belly Underframe, NSW / VIC / SA Car Carrier, PWWY Well Wagon, VIC VP Louvre Van, NSW NCOF Coil Wire Wagon, NSW NQYY Container Wagon, PQFY Inline Fuel Wagon, NSW NODY Open Wagon, SA RMX Container Wagon, NSW JLX Louvred Van, NSW SQKF Container Wagon, VIC CP Guards Van, NSW NKQX Slab Steel Wagon, VIC VLX Louvred Van, NSW NLDF Newsprint Van, VIC BLX Box Van, VIC JQF Bogie Hopper, VIC GH Grain Hopper, VIC IZ-RY Open Hopper, NSW NHRH Coal Hopper, WA WBAX Louvered Van, SA AHGX Grain Hopper, NSW NGTY Grain Hopper, VIC Advertising U Vans - Series 1, VIC Advertising U Vans - Series 2, VIC Advertising T Vans, VIC GY Open Wagon, VIC GJX Grain Hopper - 001-100 Series, VIC BP Box Van, NSW KLV Louvered Van, NSW NLKY Louvered Van, SA ABFX Louvered Van, SA AOOX Open Wagon, VIC CSX Coil Steel Wagon, VIC U Van, VIC T Van, VIC KMQ Flat Wagon, NSW NDFF Ballast Hopper, NSW NQIW/RQIW Container Wagon, VIC GJF Grain Hopper - 201-350 Series, CQBY 60 Foot Container Wagon, NSW NGPF Grain Hopper, NSW NHFF Coal Hopper

Anywhere a NO.5® is listed, the #28, #58 or #118, #119, #158, #148 Whisker® Coupler can be used in its place.

*Our conversion’s based on only one model from a production run, there may be inconsistencies in a model’s production run that require a different coupler or model modifications to achieve the proper coupler height for coupler function.

** Metal Coupler Note: It is not recommended to use a metal coupler directly on a metal surface to avoid the possible electrical crossover or shorting that may cause damage.