How Delayed Magnetic Uncoupling Works

What is Delayed Uncoupling

Kadee® Magne-Matic® Couplers with Delayed-Action Uncoupling offer complete freedom of operation and realistic prototype train movements. This completely hands-free system is even more automatic than those found on full-size railroads. No actual hand contact occurs during uncoupling, thus assuring smooth and reliable performance. With Delayed Uncoupling you can couple, uncouple, move, and spot your rolling stock reliably and easily.


Our Uncouplers are permanent magnets and electromagnets designed specifically for model railroading. These precision magnets are custom made in a variety of scales, codes, and gauges to work with your specific modeling layout.

Trip Pin

The Trip Pins featured on all Magne-Matic® Couplers react when moved over an Uncoupler. This moves the couplers into the open, or Delayed Position, allowing for hands-free uncoupling.

Delayed Position

Couplers move into the Delayed Position when over an Uncoupler magnet. Couplers in the Delayed Position will remain open as long as they are over the Uncoupler magnet.

Car Spotting

Cars can be moved or spotted while couplers are in the Delayed Position allowing for almost unlimited possibilities for operating your layout.

How it Works

It's so easy to operate our Magne-Matic® couplers with Delayed-Action Uncoupling. Simply move the couplers over an Uncoupler, allow some slack, then pull away. Watch the video below to see it in action.

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