Laser Waterslide Decal Printing

Looking to add you own custom touch? Want to create your dream model? Look no further than our custom decal printing service featuring high quality results and personal service.

We've been printing high quality custom water slide decals since 2005. We specialize in ALPS Thermal and Full Color Laser decals with a quick 2-3 day turnaround. Our custom decals are perfect for model trains, guitar head stocks, model cars, model planes, fly rods, restorations, bicycles, fingernails, company logos, and more.

Full color Custom printed waterslide decals for model railroad, model building, automobiles, trains, airplanes, helicopters, RC cars, cars, boats, vehicles, ships, railroads, rockets, slot cars, bicycles, motorcycle, restorations, nails, guitars, company logos.

You must have Ready to Run artwork created to our file specifications, in order for us to print custom decals.  (see below)

White ink is not available. Ink colors are not opaque and only can be applied to white substrate.

We don't have to technology to create white + full color decals or full color decals that can be applied to colored substrates. We don't cut custom shaped or die-cut decals, decals have to be cut out by hand by customer..

We do not reproduce copyrighted or trade marked material without written permission.

Application Instructions

NOTE: Full Color Custom Decals are a blend of
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black only.
No White, Florescent or Metallic colors.

8" x 10" Image Area

CMYK 4-Color Process Laser Decals
Color Laser Printers only print Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black Toner.
Colors are not opaque they are around 33% translucent.
So the color of the substrate you place the decals on will affect the final ink color.

Full Color water slide Decals, Small Runs, No Minimums, Quick Turn Around,
legible lettering down to around 6pt font, approximately 150 lpi screening, 600 dpi resolution.
No White or Metallic Ink

Kadee® decal thickness should be about 0.0003 in. or 3 ten-thousandths thick once applied.

Making Decals Scratch Resistant
The decal paper manufacturer recommends "Liquid Decal Film" by MicroScale.

Laser Custom Decal File Preparation Requirements

Artwork: 8" x 10" Image Area max.
Artwork created from photo editing software (Adobe Photoshop or Corel PaintShop)
. Saved as (psd, pdf, eps, or tif) only. Tif is preferred. No (BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG) files. The file must be actual size, the resolution of the file must be a minimum of 600 dpi.

Artwork created from Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.
Saved as (pdf, eps, or ai) only. Note: All font's must be converted to outlines (Embedding fonts is not acceptable). The file must be actual size.

Artwork created from some other software.
Saved as a pdf only. If you don't have the option to save as a PDF from your software, You will need to convert it to a pdf. Note: All font's must be converted to outlines (Embedding fonts is not acceptable). The file must be actual size.

Additional setup fees will apply if files are submitted incorrectly.

Decals are printed on clear water slide decal paper.

Laser Custom Decals Terms & Conditions
You are responsible for the quality of original artwork reproduction, color setup, color separations in spot color, color trapping, turning all fonts to outlines, artwork margins & file setup. All multiple color run decal artwork files must be setup with each color on its own layer. We accept artwork in EPS or AI form (vector graphics produce best results) as well as TIFF or JPG form (bitmap images not recommended). We reserve the right to review decal artwork.

Vintage Artwork, Reproductions, Copyright, & Trademarks

You are responsible for all Copyright, & Trademark conformance's.
You need written permission for all Vintage Artwork, Reproduction Artwork, Copyrighted or Trademarked material, even when it is for personal use.
You must read the copyrighted materials owners legal-notice's for their copyright & trademark policy's. You are responsible for researching the copyright & trademark information and bringing adequate permission forward when you present the artwork, otherwise your artwork will be denied. Just becouse a company may not exist today someone still can own the Copyright or Trademark rights, You have to prove that no one does and/or get permition for reproduction.
You are paying someone to reproduce the Vintage Artwork, Reproduction Artwork, Copyrighted or Trademark material and not reproducing it yourself. We do not reproduce Vintage Artwork, Reproduction Artwork, Copyrighted or Trademark material without written permission. No exceptions.

Decal are run usually within 2-3 business days. Extra fees may apply. Prices subject to change without notice. + shipping & handling charges.

Kadee® Quality Products Co.

Before calling or e-mailing please read this page in its entirety, most questions can be answered from information we have provided on this web page.

Laser Decal Pricing