Remote Coupler Reference Charts

Operation of Remote Couplers

We recommend operating Kadee® RC Remote Couplers using the Kadee® RC Remote System or Kadee® RC Servo Controller (DCC or decoder compatable), other means of operating & controlling the standard hobby servos can be used with Kadee® RC Remote Couplers, as long as the degree of servo rotation is adjustable. The Kadee® RC Remote Couplers are designed to operate with 90 degree servo rotation only.

HO Remote Coupler Information

Kadee® is not selling Subarashi HO Scale Smart Couplers. If you have questions about the Smart Coupler® or wish to order the Smart Coupler® you will need to contact Subarashi Models.

Kadee® had entered into an agreement with Subarashi Models, the manufacturer of the Smart Coupler®, utilizing Kadee® Couplers and under License of Kadee® Quality Products.

HO-Scale remote uncoupling is available from Subarashi Models. For more information, demonstration and ordering please visit

Subarashi is no longer making the Smart Coupler®.

Large Scale Remote Couplers

 G Scale 
Type E

 #1 Scale 
Type E



#906 Coupler with Servo and Linkage

Body Mount Coupler Kit (1 Kit)

Includes: 2 - #906 Individual Couplers & Body Mount Gearboxes, 2 - Trip Pin Linkage Collars,
2 - Short Linkage Rods, 1 - Long Linkage Rod, 2 - #841 Shims, 1 - Mounting Screws & Hardware,
1 - Standard Servo Kit #11120


Actuated Body Mount Coupler with Gearbox


Actuated Body Mount Coupler with Gearbox

Actuated Body Mount Coupler with Gearbox (1 Kit)

Includes: 1 - Actuated Body Mount Coupler with Gearbox - Assembled