Custom Decals and Imagesetting

Custom Decals and Imagesetting

Laser Custom Waterslide Decal Printing

Your ready-to-run artwork should have been already submitted and approved to print by Kadee before you complete ordering. 8 x 10 Image area Laser...

ALPS Custom Waterslide Decal Printing

ALPS Waterslide Custom Decals Your Ready to Run Artwork created from Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. These are the spot colors the ALPS printer can...

Additional Fees

Additional decal artwork fees will apply if original submitted artwork is not set up to file requirements. If we accept a incorrectly setup file any...

Imagesetting Work Order & Payment Form

Imagesetting Work Order & Payment Form We offer film imagesetting 2400dpi & 3600 dpi. Film avalable for pick up. We also ship film*. All Files that...

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