1. April 2023 Tech Tip - Overthinking Coupler Mounting

    I regularly get questions from people confused and/or overthinking coupler mounting. I think it is more so overthinking about coupler mounting, not reading the information we provide, and not using the coupler conversion information we provide online. This is something that is a much bigger problem than one might think. This is not just from new people entering the hobby; this is from the hobby veterans also. I will break this down into different common scenarios.

    HO Scenario #1: I have an old Example (UP 1234 car) or (B&O loco that has yellow lettering) I picked up; what at coupler do I use on it?
    Sorry, we need the make and model of the car to look it up in our coupler conversion list; we can’t identify cars if you don’t know the make and model of a car. You must research it online, ask a railroad forum, or visit a railroad club or local hobby store. Then look it up in the coupler conversion list.

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  2. March 2023 Tech Tip - Underutilized Products

    I am happy to report that the Amherst train show was hopping at the Kadee® booth this year. I was able to get out of the booth a few times to take a quick look around but for the most part it was nonstop interaction with customers. Answering product questions, coupler conversion questions, and talking to individuals about the new O-Scale trucks that we will be releasing after they have been thoroughly tested. We have sent some samples out to some individuals and clubs for testing on different layouts. We still need to do some inhouse testing for ourselves before we release them. I would like to personally say thank you to all of the individuals that we have talked to about this project and a special thank you for all of those individuals and clubs that have been testing the O-Scale trucks on their layouts.

    As for our technical tip of the month, I would like to talk about a couple of HO-Scale products that I feel are underutilized that quite possibly be because folks don’t un

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  3. Show Winners

    Congratulations to the following winners!

    Show Winners

    2023 Rocky Mountain Train Show Drawing Winners
    Adithi R.- Lafayette, CO
    Steve P.- Castle Rock, CO
    Denby D.- Thornton, CO

    2023 Amherst Train Show Drawing Winners
    Bob B. - Windham, CT
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  4. February 2023 Tech Tip - Coupler Height Gauge Wedge

    The weather has been keeping a lot of you indoors and getting those old modeling projects out again. I have received several product requests for things we don’t sell as retail items or special pack requests. (Example: bulk #33 couplers) Also, requests for coupler conversions for brass cars or old obscure cars that we have never seen or heard of.

    Please keep in mind we don’t sell special request packages of bulk couplers or special request parts. We would have to stop current production, check availability, pull parts for a single special package, program the special package in the online system for billing, and sell it to a customer. The reality is “special request product” needs to be billed for lost production time, set up, and assembly time for a single item; the “special request product” would cost much more than purchasing multiple 2-pair packages of couplers. For “special request detail parts,” the same is true. Generally, we don’t keep spare parts for cars we have

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  5. January 2023 Tech Tip - Coupler Heights and Trip Pins

    I am going to go over coupler heights again since I am still seeing so-called “HOW TO VIDEOS” on YouTube that has so much bad information they need to be removed. I am telling you, the amount of bad, misleading information on YouTube is disheartening!

    I can’t emphasize this enough, check your coupler height with a height gauge, setting your coupler height using the centerline of the couplers, and make the necessary fine-tuning adjustments. These adjustments need to be precise for proper working couplers. “Good enough” doesn’t work for trouble-free operation. Checking your coupler height is something that should be, second nature for everyone in the hobby. “Scale” couplers make this even more critical because the coupler pulling face is smaller. See the below details.


    The trip pins are factory set, and if your coupler is mounted correctly and set to the Kadee coupler height gauge, your trip pin will not need to be
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  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Kadee!

    Tis the Season for kindness, friendship, fellowship and family! It is our hope and prayers that your spirit will be lifted this Christmas season as well as your business.

    We are so very thankful for our awesome dealers, distributors, retailer customers and friends. Your business and enthusiasm for model railroading is what keeps us going. We are extremely blessed for your patronage and the opportunity to continue to supply you with great products manufactured here in the USA. As we enter December, it is our hope that this month, “things” begin to settle down and we can all have faith that small businesses will again blossom and regain momentum.

    Kadee is developing new items to help expand our presence and serve the model railroad enthusiast along with all the fantastic products we have created over the past 75 years!

    When you need the BEST and want an All American made product, turn to Kadee Quality Products. It is our honor to help mak

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  7. Kadee® Holiday Schedule

    Kadee® Holiday Schedule
    Kadee® will be closed Christmas, & New Year’s: (Closing early Dec. 23rd) ~ Closed Dec. 24th through Jan 2nd

    UPS Holiday pick-up / delivery schedule:
    To receive your merchandise via UPS Ground by December 24th ** (dealer discounted shipping rate),
    We must receive your order by 11:00 am PST on Wed. December 14th
    3-day delivery must be requested by 11:00 am PST Tues. December 20th
    (December 22nd will be our last official ship day before Christmas)

    ~ We also ship USPS, but dealer pays additional over UPS rate ~

    **DISCLAIMER - We, Kadee, are not responsible for shipping transit times. Transit times are provided by the carrier, excluding weekends and holidays, & vary with package destinations & weather, particularly during peak periods**

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  8. November 2022 - Christmas Car

    Yes, we are releasing a Christmas car this year; it was just behind schedule. Limited quantity.

    Upcoming shows we will be attending.

    We will be at Trainfest this year on November 12th & 13th at the Wisconsin State Fair Park in Milwaukee, WI. We also will be attending our local railroad show. Rogue Valley Railroad Show November 26th & 27th at the Jackson County Expo Central Point, OR.

    We look forward to being back at both of these great shows after they were postponed due to COVID restrictions last year. It feels good getting out there, socializing, and enjoying life again. If you have not had the chance to talk to us in person, we invite everyone to visit us in our booth at either show. Come check out what you have missed over the last couple of years. If you have not had the chance to talk to us in person. I will attend booth shows to answer your product and coupler conversion questions. We will be giving a Product Overview, Questions and Answers presentation

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  9. October 2022 - COUPLERS, and The People Who Make Them….

    COUPLERS, and The People Who Make Them….

    Kadee Quality Products Company has been the "De-facto Standard" for Model Railroad couplers since the early '70s. It has expanded its line of fully functioning Knuckle couplers over the last 40 years. From HOn3 to G scale for Reliability and Functionality.

    The prevalent Whisker® version in “Scale” and Standard head HO gauge has overtaken the standard shank centering system for their "ease of use," and the same dependability and reliability modelers have come to expect from Kadee®. Our #148 Centerset Whisker® coupler now outsells "Ole Reliable” NO.5® and #158 “Scale” Head Whisker® coupler outsells its predecessor #58.

    Please Note that ALL these couplers will work together provided you have them at the proper height, which you can check with a coupler height gauge, either a #206 or #205.

    To dispel any rumors, Kadee is not discontinuing our #148 coupler or any other couplers.

    Bulk packs of the #14

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  10. September 2022 - Patriotic car

    I realize it has been only a couple of weeks since our August release, but we need to get back on schedule. So don’t forget about our August 2022 Patriotic Car release.

    We have been getting a lot of positive feedback on this design, with the Statue of Liberty and the Constitution of the United States on the side of the car.

    I feel the artwork represents the strong American spirit that we all share in one way or another that everyone should be able to relate to, if you leave politics aside.

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