Whether you treated yourself to some of those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals (I know I did, don’t tell my wife) or you get some new locomotives or rolling stock as Christmas gifts, if you have cars from one of the manufactures who install Kadee® Magne-Matic® couplers from the factory: you’re golden! You can start enjoying your new cars on your layout immediately.

But, if you didn’t... Now you have a very important decision to make. It may even be life changing... (cue dramatic music)

The Question: Do I replace the “clone knuckle couplers”* that came on that my cars with Kadee® Magne-Matic® couplers? Or do I just leave the clone knuckle couplers installed that came with the car?

This decision is not one to be taken lightly. The fate of your layout, and possibly your sanity, may be affected by this life-altering decision... (cue dramatic music)

If you choose to leave the clone knuckle couplers on your cars, you will experience a very basic and limited c

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