Walthers - HO Coupler Conversions

NOTE: Our conversions typically requiring the least modification to a model. The How To Instructions and Diagrams are based of the Standard Coupler; they will still be a good guide for the Whisker® & Other suggested coupler options. Always check the coupler heights with either our #205 or newer #206 Coupler Height Gauge.

Stop & Read This! Newer HO-Scale Models with Factory Knuckle Couplers will not be listed. They are easily converted by using our #148 or "scale" head #158 Whisker® Couplers.

**Note: Some manufacturers now produce models with non-industry standard coupler pockets. These smaller coupler pockets may require slight modification to the gearbox or coupler to function properly. If the model has a removable gearbox it can be replaced with a Kadee® gearbox. If the model has an integrated gearbox, the coupler shank may be filed down to fit.

  Whisker® Metal Coupler Standard Coupler Other Coupler Options

EMD SW-1 Switcher

EMD SW-1 Switcher Conversion
#28, #58
#118, #119, #158

FM H 10/12-44

FM H 10/12-44 Conversion
#28, #58
#118, #119, #158

Sperry Rail Inspection Car

Sperry Rail Inspection Car Conversion
#148 Rear or #158 Rear
in a
#252 Gearbox

M.O.W. Difco Dump Car
Metal Chassis

M.O.W. Difco Dump Car Metal Chassis Conversion

Jordan Spreader

Jordan Spreader Conversion
Any Medium Centerset Rear Coupler

Other Rolling Stock

Other Rolling Stock Conversion
#28, #58
#118, #119, #158

Amfleet Passenger Car

Amfleet Passenger Car Conversion
#28, #58
#118, #119, #158

Passenger Cars

Budd-Built Passenger Cars Conversion

Horizon Commuter
Passenger Car

Horizon Commuter Passenger Car Conversion

Superliner Passenger Car

Superliner Passenger Car Conversion

Walthers Auto Carrier 89 Ft.

Walthers Auto Carrier 89 Ft. Conversion
#28, #58
#118, #119, #158

Walthers Box Car 40 Ft. Wood

Walthers Box Car 40 Ft. Wood Conversion
Any Medium Centerset Coupler

Anywhere a NO.5® is listed, the #28, #58 or #118, #119, #158, #148 Whisker Coupler can be used in its place.

*Our conversion’s based on only one model from a production run, there may be inconsistencies in a model’s production run that require a different coupler or model modifications to achieve the proper coupler height for coupler function.

** Metal Coupler Note: It is not recommended to use a metal coupler directly on a metal surface to avoid the possible electrical crossover or shorting that may cause damage.