I was at the 2022 National Garden Railway Conference in Denver last month assisting the attendees with the Large Scale Kadee® product questions. I had a lot of inquiries about our large scale metal wheels and trucks and some I didn’t know the answer to. I can admit this, so when I got back, I looked up the technical info I was ask about and updated our large scale wheel product information on our website. Please check out the large scale wheel product pages #950, #951, #960, & #961 as we have new technical info on the pages.

I keep getting e-mail questions on how may large scale wheels are in the factory packaging even though we have a clear product description on our webpage. We discovered what has been causing the confusion with the 950, #951, #960, & #961 quantities. There had been some resellers opening the Kadee® factory packaging and removing our protective packaging thus changing the quantity & reselling the #950, #951, #960, & #961 as 4 Axle sets instead of the factory 2 Axles sets. No wonder there is confusion. So I want to clarify, our #950, #951, #960, & #961 large scale wheels are sold as 1 Set (2 Axles, 1 Pair or enough for 1 Truck).

Sellers that have altered or tampered with the Kadee® factory packaging have voided the Kadee® warranty. Products sold as “new” that were acquired from estates or the used products market do not have a Kadee® warranty. Damage incurred from shipping is not covered under the Kadee® warranty. If any of these issues arise, they must be addressed with the seller that the products were purchased from. Purchases from unauthorized resellers (e.g. Amazon, eBay), private sales, or previously sold products void the Kadee® warranty.

So what to take from this, purchase from Authorized Dealers and make sure the reseller is not repackaging the factory packaging, or selling “used/old products or cars” as “Factory New”. These are all incidents that you must address with the seller that you purchased the products from.