I have gotten many questions at shows & by e-mail regarding what is the difference between our two styles of Large scale couplers; the AAR Type “E” coupler and our original style of coupler that are available in (O-scale 1:48, #1-scale 1:32 & G-Scale 1:22.5). Yes, both designed are based on the common Type E coupler. Our original coupler style has an exposed knuckle spring with minimal details; our AAR Type “E” coupler has a much more prototypal appearance & hidden knuckle spring. Know that it is large scale season it is time to go over the subject and the features that make the couplers different.

Let's just start out with the obvious the AAR Type “E” coupler has a much more prototypal appearance then our original style of coupler. The AAR Type “E” coupler contour with visible Kadee® casting marks to better replicate the prototype coupler. One other big feature if it hasn’t jumped out at you yet is where is the Knuckle spring? Yes, that is right the AAR Type “E” couplers have a hidden knuckle spring. The spring is recessed and out of sight inside the coupler head. So no more missing knuckle springs.

The AAR Type “E” coupler has a larger coupler head but has the same height knuckle as the original style of coupler this allows the two couplers to function seamless together despite the two different looks. The AAR Type “E” coupler pulling face inside of the moving knuckle has a flatter contour (draft) that reduces knuckle slide caused by a flexible mounting. The means that the couplers will not slip vertically as easily when running the AAR Type “E” coupler knuckles is also about 20% stronger due to the Knuckle design. Both designs still feature Kadee’s proven Magne-Matic® Delayed Uncoupling so you can’t go wrong with either style when it is time to upgrade from the factory couplers that came with your cars. Kadee® couplers allow all the different brands of cars you have to be able to operate and function together, so you are not restricted to purchasing only one brand of large scale cars on your layout.

I tell everyone it really comes down to personal preference on the coupler look you like, functionality will be the same. If you are just starting out, I would recommend going with the AAR Type “E” coupler but that is my personal preference. If you already have the original style on your layout but want to upgrade you can, the AAR Type “E” coupler can be easy replace any of the original style of couplers by just replacing the coupler head only. If you are happy with the original style of coupler look you don’t have to do a thing and you won't be disappointed in their performance either.