#1 To keep your locomotives operating to their peak performance, regular maintenance is required. Just like your automobile, you have to check the tires. The Kadee® Speedi Loco Driver Cleaner cleans your locos drive pickup wheels, spinning away dirt and debris so the wheels make good contact. The wheels picking up the current from the tack is essential for your loco to run as smoothly as it can.

#2 Never use grease or any other liquid lubricant other than powdered graphite on couplers and trucks. Dry powdered graphite is the only lubricant Kadee® recommends. Liquid lubricants can react to the materials used in couplers, gearboxes, and wheelsets, and trucks are made from shortening the life expectancy. Liquid lubricants also attract dirt and debris, drying out over time and making for a sticky, messy cleanup. Lubricants are supposed to make parts move freely without a sluggish response.