Now that you have dusted off your large-scale rolling stock and locomotives, it is time to see how your outdoor layout held up over winter. Some track work will inevitably have to be done to get all your cars rolling reliably on it again. Have you noticed the longer modern cars get, the more sensitive they are to run on track? That is because the length of the car magnifies every dip, bump, or transition in the track.

Kadee® has a quick and easy solution for anyone with some of those fussy cars that like to slip apart on your layout. Now you can change out your G-Scale standard or type “E” Kadee® Couplers to one of the NEW “SE” top and bottom or SBE bottom shelf Kadee® couplers, and you will not be leaving your favorite car sitting on the siding anymore. The “SE” top and bottom or SBE bottom shelf Kadee® couplers will allow cars that don’t stay coupled from track imperfections to stay coupled up over those grades, bumps, and dips—no need to struggle with those slight track

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