It is now "The Holiday Season" with Thanksgiving coming on the 28th. The word Thanksgiving is self-defining "giving thanks" but thanks for what and to who? The first "official " Thanksgiving is dated 1621 about a year after the Mayflower Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts. This Thanksgiving lasted about 3 days celebrating their first harvest and survival. However, there were many similar celebrations in the late 1500s and earlier 1600s up and down the east coast for basically the same reasons of landing safely from a long voyage and surviving the harsh environment.

Since most of the early immigrants came here for some form of religious freedom they already had strong beliefs in "The Almighty God". As such their Thanksgiving was giving thanks to God for "all they had". These celebrations lasted on and off through the years and during the Revolutionary War Congress (who believed in God) appointed one or more Thanksgiving Days a year. The Continental-Confederation Congress, the

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