The below message is copied from last year’s Dec. #144 article as I can not improve much on what I said before except that we need Christ in our lives more than ever.

It is Christmas time now and we hope that everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving and, as I suggested last month, you made a special effort to better understand what Thanksgiving really means and then gave proper thanks for all you have. Christmas is another special time for giving thanks but it’s more focused on thanking God and Jesus Christ for all they have given us. The Christian world has set apart this time of year to celebrate the birth of Christ and what he has done for all the world, not just a part, or a select few, but the entire world and all mankind from the beginning to the end. Thanksgiving is celebrated only in the U.S.A. but Christmas is celebrated all through the Christian world.

So here we are getting ready for another Christmas Holiday but unfortunately most people are focused on Santa Cla

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