Buyer Beware! Some individuals are selling "Clone Knuckle Couplers" as Kadee® Couplers!
We just recently discovered this with our NEM Couplers, and I am sure it has also been going on with our Standard Knuckle Couplers. Someone was selling on eBay Kadee® #19 NEM Couplers using Kadee® product descriptions & Kadee® photos. The product listing claims the products were Kadee® #19 Couplers, but in fact was a poorly made NEM Clone Knuckle Couplers made in China. This is something that people shopping on 3rd party venues, such as Amazon, eBay, or any other 3rd party site that allows anyone to sell on, will have to police and report any violations to the third-party venue yourself. Don't be conned by shady business practices.

Kadee® Couplers are Made 100% in the USA.
Kadee® HO Couplers all have Metal Knuckles, with the exception of our 3/4 size old-time Plastic Couplers.

Clone Knuckle Couplers only "uncouple"; they don't allow the coupler to go into the "delay" position where the coupler head pulls towards the rail to "spot" cars. Clone Knuckle Couplers come in all different forms, metal* and plastic; most are all plastic, including the knuckle that deforms and comes uncoupled very easily from the slick plastic used & inferior spring technology. *I am aware of one Clone Knuckle Coupler that is a metal coupler. This clone will only "uncouple" still and has inferior casting and spring technology. As a general rule, if you are having problems with an RTR car that came with Knuckle Couplers, the couplers are probably "Knock Off" Knuckle Couplers.

Yes, this is something that needs to be addressed.

We do not recommend anyone purchasing from 3rd party venues such as Amazon or eBay! Any purchases from 3rd party venues, Amazon or eBay don't have a manufacturer product guarantee, and any product damaged or missing parts must be returned to the seller only. There are Hobby Stores and Dealers that sell on Amazon or eBay and we don't condone these business practices. The majority of damaged or missing product requests we get come from people who have purchased from Amazon or eBay. It makes me wonder if the Amazon and eBay platforms are being used to dump damaged products on unsuspecting Amazon and eBay customers.

Remember, if you want Genuine Kadee® Products, you should purchase directly from Kadee® Authorized Dealers and E-Tailers or from Kadee's website, no 3rd party sites. Please remember this when shopping online: Any product damage is the seller's responsibility, not the manufacturer's, and always purchase shipping insurance to protect against loss or damage.